Love Company was not the first American outfit in Korea. That dubious honor fell to Task Force Smith who fought at Osan. Nor did it fight the second battle of the Korean War. But very early it did fight at Chonui as part of a July 10th battalion counterattack regaining positions of  the 1st battalion overrun earlier that day, a feat that was the first successful American counterattack of the war. And again at Chochiwon the following day, July 11, 1950, against what was described as "one of the most perfectly coordinated assaults ever launched by North Koreans against American troops." After being given a "hold at all cost" order, they did hold for a time, perhaps not at all cost because some survived, many did not. They stayed much too long in an untenable position to the near destruction of this under-strength Japan occupation company of 130 plus Americans. It was said that Love Company died on that day but it was a near death experience and it came back to live and fight again only to suffer another near fatal experience in February of 1951. It continued on after that battle but was never again the Love Company that we knew. This site presents the names, numbers and fates of those who were in Love Company that first year of the Korean War. Those facts in themselves tell a powerful story. During this one year period the company's four platoons along with its attached South Korean platoon had over 600 individuals on its rosters while never reaching over 87 percent of its authorized strength of 211 men.

"Love Company does not belong to us - we belong to it and it belongs to the country."

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Last updated 2 August 2009