Fine Pictures

Jim Fine 1950.jpg (45756 bytes)

Jim Fine - This was early 1950 near the Field House at Camp Funston on the Fort Riley KS army reservation.  (45kb)

Jim Fine '51.jpg (21794 bytes)

!951 - the family had moved to California. I was in Fort Smith AR on convalescent leave - self taken using an Argus C3 camera. (22kb)
Sheik Fine '76.jpg (39695 bytes) 1976 - At home in Tulsa shortly after returning from offshore Saudi Arabia. I let the beard grow when we went offshore from Dubai. At roughly 8 weeks of growth arabs in 3 different parts of Saudi Arabia began spontaneously to call me "Matawa" (religion policeman). Must have been the length of the whiskers. Beard here was about 8 months growth. (39kb)

1984 - Same beard shortly before cutting it off . (40kb)

Jim & Leota Fine '98.jpg (90882 bytes)

Jim and Leota Fine - picture was taken at the 24th Division reunion in Little Rock AR in 1998. (89kb)
FineBros.jpg (124630 bytes) Left to Right: Hal Foster Fine, Orville Milton Fine, James Carroll Fine - my father. Picture probably taken around 1946 or 1947. (122kb)
Bessie.jpg (253418 bytes) Bessie Hancock Fine, my paternal grandmother, (wife of Zack Fine) holding Orville Milton Fine. Orville was born 23 December 1907. (248kb)
Fine's Creek Exit.jpg (119220 bytes) I-40 in western North Carolina. (117kb)