Documents and Pictures

Love Company - the predecessor to "LOVE, Labor and Laughter"
L Company's Four Days by Lindsey P. Henderson, Jr. (pdf 6,547kb)

My ROKs Were Good by Lindsey P. Henderson, Jr. (pdf 1,489kb)
Our FO Remembers (htm)
Canales Diary (htm)
Canales Diary (pdf 2,122kb ) (pdf)
Sweet Land of Liberty by T L Epton (htm)

Johnson's List (htm)

Love Company Roster (pdf)
Lum's Little Black Book (htm)
Naktong Notes by Harry Maihafer (htm)
Morning Report Extracts (htm)
February S-2 Command Report (htm)
April S-2 Command Report (htm)
Chonui and Choch'iwon (htm)
Excerpted from "South to the Naktong, North to the Yalu"

Last updated 14 February 2007