Morning Report Extracts

by Jim Fine

This writing is based primarily on morning report data, corrected to the extent possible using data base techniques to establish true names using serial numbers plus raw data provided by a small notebook kept by First Sergeant Howard R Lumsden (see Lum's Little Black Book for a typed copy of this) during a major portion of the period covered and further by the Korean Conflict Casualty File (KCCF).

Note: The following document is primarily from the morning report, italicized text are entries from Howard R. Lumsden’s little black book, and italicized text in parentheses are my personal remarks or recollections. The numbers in parentheses at the left edge correspond to numbers stuck on a Korea map sent to me in Korea by Hugh Brown. I have been a little confused by the abbreviations used. My interpretation is in the table below. "Lum"s, as he was affectionately called, entries begin 6 September 1950 and run through    13 February 1950. -jcf

em enlisted man or men
hrl Howard R Lumsden

injured in action

jcf James C Fine
lwa lightly wounded in action
mtr motor
off officer(s)
reld relieved
swa seriously wounded in action

06/01/50 Kumamoto Kyushu Japan

(1) 5 EM attached for rations quarters & administration

06/27/50 Kumamoto Kyushu Japan

(2) Effective 26 June 1950, Co L, 21st Inf Regt reorganized under TO&E 7-17 N per Gen Order 41, Hq 24th Inf Div, APO 24 dtd 22 June 1950 Authorized strength 6 Off 185 EM.

07/02/50 Sasebo Kyushu Japan

(3) 2 July 1950 departed Camp Wood Kumamoto Kyushu Japan for Sasebo...(can’t read rest)

07/03/50 Pusan South Korea

(4) Departed Sasebo Kyushu Japan for Pusan So Korea 1000 hrs Arrived Pusan So Korea Approx 2300 hrs

07/07/50 Choch’iwon South Korea

(5) 5 Officers & 148 EM departed Pusan South Korea by rail at 0200 hrs arrived Choch’iwon South Korea at 1800 hrs

07/08/50 Chongju South Korea

(6) Unit arrived by truck convoy from Choch’iwon to a defensive position east of the Mihochon river approximately ten miles east of Choch’iwon and 4 miles west of Chongju

07/09/50 Choch’iwon South Korea

(7) Units moved to a defensive line 11 miles north of Choch’iwon by truck convoy

07/10/50 Choch’iwon South Korea

(8) Company attacked enemy positions north of Choch’iwon at 1830 hrs - mission accomplished and organization withdrew to original position at 2100 hrs

Wounded: Robert Holloway Wayne E McGruder

07/11/50 Choch’iwon South Korea

(9) At approximately 0600 hours the enemy attacked in great force. The Company was subjected to mortar, small arms, and tank fire forcing withdrawal to the vicinity of Choch’iwon for reorganization. 4 Officers and 95 EM are missing in action and 1 Officer and 6 EM were wounded in action.

Killed in Action Died While Captured Died While Missing
After Missing
Silas F Barrett Raymond K Alford Leo J Duquette
Frank J Bolt Joseph O Ampon Ricardo Garza
Julian T Brooks Charles V Bailey John G Krebs
Raymond R Brown Jackie G Berrier Victor Morton
Robert E Clouser Charles E Boyer
Patrick W Guthrie Silas W Boyiddle Captured, Imprisoned
Luther D Hanson Worth L Bunting Survived, Repatriated
Robert V King Robert C Cox
John Krimsky Richard A Daniel David D Barfield
Jearold D Leonard Alex Danowski Norman L Boutwell
Richard Spon Charles W Easterday Tommy J Concepcion
George A Frantz Charles G Conley
Killed in Action Harold O Fullerton Ralph E Culbertson
After Missing Joseph DeMeo Richard F Cummins
Billy M Haggard Joseph DeMeo
Donald F Ambeau Charles R Hoak Jesse W Durhan
Opal D Aulds William R Jester Torres-V. Escobar
Jesus C Bazan Richard Kendall Milton S Gamboa
Billy C Billington William V Kolberg Amos J Jiron
Theodore S Cabanbam Melvin H Morgan Wayne A Johnson
Lynnward T Crosby Woodrow W Nelson James R Moore
Samuel J Donohoe Robert A Nichols Takashi Mukai
Stanley G Durachta Gerald R Plotner William H Raymond
Thomas Floyd Cleon Raburn Clark H Robinson
Gilbert Gutierrez George R Smith John A Shimshock
Norman R Henricksen George J Srogoncik Donnal R Smith
Edward L Hluboky Robert E Stewart Lloyd Vaughn
Elzie F Hughes Richard L White Thomas G Woodward
J D Floyd Junior Harold D Wilder
Harry E Mallery Leonard J Williams Wounded
Franklin Mitchell Claud H Williamson
Robert A Nolen David H Wilson Virgil Anderson
Richard B Quigley Chester A Wright Earl D Culp
Leslie A Siciliano Anthony J Hajdinak
Roger A Smith Died of Wounds John R Lindamood
Anthony A Szczepanski
John J Tiernan Howell G Thomas* Missing in Action
Forrest R Werley
James T Struble

* We learned that Howell G. Thomas was described as "the first hero of the Korean War to be buried in Arlington Cemetery.

07/12/50 Taep’yong-ni South Korea ( 8.6 mi S & 2 mi W Choch’iwon)

(10) Personnel were assembled in an area 5 miles south of Choch’iwon and moved by truck convoy with the remainder of the 3rd Bn 21st Inf Regt to a defensive position in the vicinity of Taep’yong-ni on the southern bank of the Kum River

Killed in Action: George M Barrick, Odean T Cox, Carroll R Feagans

07/13/50 Taejon Airport South Korea

(11) Reld of defensive position at Taep’yong-ni by elements of the 19th Inf Regt and moved to the Taejon Airstrip by truck convoy

07/15/50 Mado-Ryong South Korea

(12) Company moved to defensive position south of Taejon on the road to Yong-dong in the vicinity of Mado-Ryong - mode of travel truck convoy

07/21/50 Yong-dong South Korea

(13) Company moved from defensive position at Mado-Ryong to a new position 3 miles north of Yong-dong

07/22/50 Yong-chon South Korea

(14) Company relieved of defensive positions north of Yong-dong by elements of the 8th Cav Regt 1st Cav Div Departed Yong-dong by rail at 1310 hours arrived Yong-chon 2210 hours

07/23/50 Kyongju South Korea

(15) Company departed Yong-chon by rail 1730 hrs arrived Kyongju 2045 hrs

07/24/50 Kyongju South Korea

(16) Bivouacked at Kyongju Korea

Died Line of Duty 7/25/50: Alvin L Phillips

07/26/50 Pohang-dong Airstrip South Korea

(17) Departed Kyongju at 0830 hrs by truck convoy arrived at Pohang-dong Airstrip 1030 hours approximately 5 miles southeast of Pohang-dong

07/29/50 Kusan South Korea

(18) Departed Pohang-dong 0400 hrs enroute Kusan South Korea

07/30/50 Kusan South Korea

(19) Established road blocks at Kusan Korea

07/31/50 Kusan South Korea

(20) On Road Block at Kusan with elements of 1st Cav Div

08/06/50 Ibang-Myon South Korea

(21) Eff 5 Aug 50 Co L 21st Inf Regt reorganized under T/O & E 7-17 N dtd 9 Dec 47 per GO 181 Hq Eighth Army dtd 29 Jul 50 authorized strength changed to 6 Officers 1 WO & 205 EM Dug-in at Ibang-Myon

(This location is difficult to locate on a map because it is an area not a town. I was told it translates literally to "home of peach" It is identified on one road atlas I have. "Counterattack on the Naktong" identifies the bridge at this location as the Ch’angnyong to Ch’ogye Bridge. - jcf)

08/07/50 Ibang-Myon South Korea

(22) Dug-in at Ibang-Myon

08/09/50 Ibang-Myon South Korea

(23) Four man patrol dispatched to Naktong river and secured enemy weapons upon return of patrol this information was reported to Bn Hq

08/13/50 Ibang-Myon South Korea

(24) Dug in at Ibang-Myon.

(I arrived at L company here along with perhaps forty-five others. There were 38 left in the company at the time. Some of them met us back in a valley to lead us in. I’d never seen a scruffier bunch in my life. They had killed a small musk deer and were roasting it over an open fire. Musick was in this group as I recall. -jcf)

08/23/50 Taegu Airport South Korea

(25) Company moved from positions on Naktong River in vicinity of Ibang-Myon to vicinity of Taegu Airport.

(This was the apple orchard. Actually we were relieved by elements of the 2nd Inf Div [Cpl Tamber and others], marched out and spent the night somewhere at a dry creek bed. Several of us snapped ponchos together and sacked out in the streambed. A mistake. It rained during the night and the creek rose. I’m not positive, but I think I visited a field dental clinic the next day, don’t remember why other than my teeth were terrible at that time.  Corporal Tamber and I served together in Co. E, 86th Inf. Regt., 10th Inf. Div. -jcf)

08/27/50 Nadang-Ni South Korea


08/28/50 Kigyo Area South Korea

(27) Wounded: Hugh A. Brown, Billy J. Simpson

08/31/50 Kigyo Area South Korea

09/01/50 Pohang-dong Area So Korea

(28) Orgn dptd from Kigyo Area South Korea via mtr convoy at 1300 hrs arr in vicinity of Pohang-dong South Korea 1430 hrs

09/02/50 Pohang-dong Area So Korea

Died of Wounds: Porter W. Taylor Wounded: John B. Haley

09/03/50 Kigyo Area South Korea

(29) Company moved from vicinity of P’ohang-dong by motor convoy at 1100 hours to Kigyo Area distance traveled 15 miles

09/04/50 Kyongju South Korea

(30) Company moved from Kigyo Area by truck convoy at 1300 hours arrived Kyongju area 1345 hours 43 ROK soldiers attached

09/05/50 Kyongju area So Korea

(31) Company moved by motor convoy from position 4 miles north of Kyongju to new positions 4 miles northwest of Kyongju departed 1630 hours distance traveled 6 miles

09/06/50 Kyongju area So Korea

(32) Company in attack at 1000 hours 4 miles north of Kyongju advancing north moderate to heavy resistance encountered Casualties 1 EM KIA 5 EM WIA 5 enemy prisoners captured

Killed in Action Glennon J Boyer, Leslie A VanPoucke

Wounded Jack Burns, George A Murdock, Daniel E O’Connor, Donald A Schramm, Billy J Simpson

6 Sept



Co in attack 0900 hrs 4 mi N KyonJu Lt to heavy resistance Obj Hill #137 secured 1200 hrs Advance continued 2000 yds N 3 prisoners taken

O - 5 EM - 177 Att - 8

S KOREAN - 55 WIA 5 KIA 2 hrl

09/07/50 Kyongju area So Korea

(33) Company in reserve of Battalion in attack 7 miles northwest of Kyongju 1 enemy prisoner captured

7 Sept

IIA - Grimshaw

Co advanced to position 6 mi N KyonJu no resistance encountered 2 prisoners

O - 5 EM - 175 Att - 8 S Korean 59 hrl

09/08/50 Kyongju area So Korea

(34) Company advanced in positions approximately 9 miles northwest of Kyongju no resistance encountered

8 Sept

Co advanced to position 8 mi N KyonJu no resistance

O - 5 EM - 176 Att - 8 S Korean 59

Returnee Albert J Trapani hrl

09/09/50 Kyongju area So Korea

(35) Company advanced to position 10 miles northwest of Kyongju no enemy resistance encountered 100 ROK soldiers attached

9 Sept

Co in position 8 mi N KyonJu hrl

09/10/50 Kyongju area So Korea

(36) Company moved from position approx 10 miles northwest of Kyongju to reserve position 4 miles northwest of Kyongju

10 Sept

Ret Carl F Bernard O 1688498    Surrells, Roy RA16289988

O - 6 EM - 177 Att - 8 TOT 184

Ret - O - 1 EM - 1

Co reverted to res position bivouac 1 mi N KyonJu hrl

11 Sept

Bivouac Res position Returnee - Culp - Ulrey

O - 6 EM - 179 Att - 8 2 EM att Med. Co.

09/12/50 Kyongju area So Korea

(37) Company in reserve position 4 miles northwest of Kyongju

12 Sept

Spaulding - Tennant - Hosp.

Anderson, Donald R RA13166035 Pfc

Terry 1st Lt Peigler

O - 5 EM - 177 Att - 8 G - 1 L - 3 L - O - 1

KyonJu hrl

13 Sept

Trfd Hq Co 21st Inf Smith, Waldron, Rayner

To Med Co Dollar To I Co Lepore

Med Att Noble Kenneth H Pfc RA19304452

Mensay Tom R Cpl RA19219147

O - 5 EM - 172 Att - 10 L - EM - 5

KyonJu hrl

09/14/50 Taegu area So Korea

(38) Company moved by motor convoy from positions 4 miles northwest of Kyongju to positions 3 miles east of Taegu departed at 0900 hours and arrived 1300 hours distance traveled 46 miles

14 Sept

Correction M/R 7 Sept Present for dy should be 175

Repl Boyd, Arthur M. 1st Lt O 1314095

Quinteros, Simon Sgt (RA)18314668

Murro, Cataido J. Cpl (RA)13266110

Wolfe jr, Wm H Pfc (RA)52033970

Ret Tennant Att Med Montalbo, Isaac G Cpl RA18016361

KyonJu hrl

15 Sept


O - 6 EM - 177 att - 11 G - 4 Rep - 3 Ret - 1

G - O - 1 hrl

16 Sept

O - 6 EM - 177 att - 11

Taegu hrl

17 Sept

O - 6 EM - 175 att 11 Losses 2 Sk - Sgt Anderson

IIA - Gebhart

Taegu hrl

09/18/50 Yulch-on South Korea

(39) Company moved by motor convoy from position 3 miles east of Taegu to a defensive position at Yulch-on departed 1300 hours arrived 2300 hours

18 Sept

O - 6 EM - 177 att - 11 Gains 2 - Anderson, Lappas

Taegu hrl

19 Sept

Henderson, Lindsey P Jr. 2nd Lt O 963477

O - 7 EM - 179 Att - 11 2 Rep Widger Thomas

Moved to Yulchon defensive assembly area hrl

20 Sept

Quinteros (Hosp) Moor (Hosp) Ulrey (AWOL)

O - 7 EM - 176 Att - 11

Co in position Yulchon 3 mi S of Waegwan

1 prisoner hrl

09/21/50 4 miles north of Waegwan S Korea

(40) Company advanced from positions at Yulch-on to positions 4 miles north of Waegwan, 1 enemy prisoner captured

21 Sept

Culp (Hosp) Moor dy O - 7 EM - 176

Waegwan hrl

09/22/50 15 miles nw of Waegwan S Korea

(41) Company advanced from positions 4 miles NW of Waegwan following Taejon highway to positions 15 miles NW of Waegwan & continuing to advance during night of 21 Sep 50. 2 enemy tanks destroyed & 2 prisoners taken.

Wounded: Charles P Mersing

22 Sept

Co advanced from position 8 mi NW of Waegwan 2 enemy tanks destroyed during night 21 Sept 1 prisoner taken

O - 7 EM - 176 att - 11 hrl

09/23/50 Kimchon area South Korea

(42) Company advanced on Taejon highway from position 15 miles NW of Waegwan to position 8 miles SE of Kimchon 2 enemy prisoners captured

23 Sept

Co advanced on Taejon Highway from position 15 mi NW Waegwan to position 12000 yd SE Kumchon Stopped 2200 hrs by battery enemy artillery 2 prisoners taken

O - 7 EM - 175 att - 11 WIA Mersing hrl

09/24/50 Kimchon area South Korea

(43) Company advanced on Taejon highway to positions 5000 yards southeast of Kimchon No enemy resistance encountered.

24 Sept

Hosp Tennant, Surrells, Burgess Ret Culp, Ulrey

Togni Donald J. Pvt. RA12287495 to fdfr(or fdfv) Sv Co

Co advanced on Taejon highway (dry river bed) to position 5000 yd SE Kumchon no resistance encountered

O - 7 EM - 175 att - 11 hrl

09/25/50 1000 yards N of Kimchon S Korea

(44) Company advanced at 2000 hrs 24 Sep 50 from position on Taejon highway 5000 yards SE of Kimchon intense artillery & mortar fire reached objective 0100 hrs 25 Sep 50 No enemy resistance encountered 2 casualties at 1330 hrs 25 Sep 50 due to strafing by friendly aircraft

Killed in Action George J Brant,  Tony Lappas

Wounded T L Epton, Walter E Worthen, Raymond E Croisant, James C Fine, Leroy J Ellison, James W Medley

25 Sept

AWOL Ulrey, Carter, Hajdinak

Co advanced from position 5000 yd SE Kumchon to objective Hill 103 & 104 1500 yd N Kumchon Subject to intense artillery and mortar fire 2200 2230 hrs no casualties no other enemy resistance encountered Crossed Ld 2000 hrs reached objective 0700 hrs Morale high.

WIA SFC Medley PFC Croisant O - 7 EM - 170 att - 11 hrl

09/26/50 Hakug-yoku-do area South Korea

(45) Company advanced from Kimchon area to attack objective #1 in vicinity of Hakug-yoku-do. Objective secured 1900 hrs moderate resistance encountered 15 prisoners 4 76 MM guns 2 Tanks & large quantities of small arms and ammunition captured

26 Sept

Co advanced from hill 103 & 104 to attack objective #1 4500 yd W vicinity Hakugyoku-do Objective secured 1900 hrs 15 prisoners 4-76mm guns 2 tanks Quantities of small arms and ammo captured 2 EM killed 3 wounded 1 missing

KIA Sgt Lappas WIA Sgt Worthen Pvt Brant Fine Ellison

Epton Hosp Culp AR 605-145 O - 7 EM - 164 Att - 11 hrl

09/27/50 3 miles west of Yong-dong S Korea

(46) Company moved by motor convoy from Hakug-yoku-do to establish road-block 3 miles west of Yong-dong departed 0900 hrs arrived 1330 hrs distance traveled 28 miles

27 Sept

Hosp Tomolovski WIA Lt Henderson 23 Sept

Ret Sgt Worthen Pvt Fine Pvt Ellison

AWOL to Duty Pfc xxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxxxxx

O - 7 EM - 169 Att - 11

Co moved by motor convoy from Hakugyoku-do to establish roadblock 3 mi N Yongdong Departed 0900 Arr 1330 Distance 28 mi hrl

09/28/50 8 miles NW of Yong-dong S Korea

(47) Company moved by motor convoy from postion 3 miles west of Yong-dong to bivouac area 8 miles northwest of Yong-dong departed 1000 hrs arrived 1230 hrs distance traveled 11 miles

28 Sept

Byrge, Charles P SFC RA7085714 att & jd fm Hq 3rd Bn pending asgmt

Hosp Rogers

Co moved by motor convoy fm position 3 mi W Yongdong to bivouac area 8 mi N Yongdong Departed 1000 hrs Arr 1230 hrs Distance 11 mi O - 7 EM - 169 att - 11 hrl

09/29/50 Taejon area South Korea

(48) Company moved by motor convoy from bivouac area north of Yong-dong to establish roadblock 6 miles south of Taejon departed 0800 hrs arrived 1100 hrs distance traveled 22 miles

29 Sept

Co moved by motor convoy to bivouac area N Yongdong to establishg roadblock 6 mi S Taejon Departed 0830 Arr 1130 Distance 21 mi

Hosp Wagley O - 7 EM - 168 att - 11 hrl

09/30/50 Taejon area South Korea

(49) Company maintaining roadblock & checkpoints 6 miles south of Taejon

30 Sept

Hosp Anderson, Donald R - Fischbeck

Co maintaining roadblocks and checkpoints 6 mi S Taejon 23 suspected NK soldiers taken in custody

O - 7 EM - 166 att - 11 hrl

1 Oct

Co moved by foot and motor movement to position 8 mi S Taejon vicinity Ibaeng-ni with mission to establish roadblock outposts and conduct agressive patrols in area

Tomolovski sk to dy

O - 7 EM - 167 att - 11 hrl

2 Oct

Co moved by motor convoy fm Ibaeng-ni to OChin-ni Korea Departed 1100 hrs Arr 1730 hrs Distance 65 mi Mission to establish OP roadblocks and conduct aggressive patrols in area

O - 7 EM - 167 att - 11 hrl

10/03/50 Onsen-ri South Korea

(50) Company moved by motor convoy from Taejon area to the vicinity of Onsen-ri departed 1100 hrs 2 Oct 50 arrived 1730 hrs 2 Oct 50

3 Oct

Co maintaining roadblocks outposts and conducting agressive patrols in area. 44 prisoners captured. Hosp PFC Sandoval

O - 7 EMM - 166 att - 11 hrl

10/04/50 Onsen-ri South Korea

(51) Company maintaining outposts, roadblocks & conducting agressive patrols in area 44 enemy prisoners captured

4 Oct

Co maintaining roadblocks outpost and conducting patrols in area 21 prisoners captured.

1 Off Repl Chandler, Woodrow W O - 8 EM - 166 att - 11 hrl

10/05/50 Onchon-ni South Korea


5 Oct

Co maintaining roadblocks outposts and conducting patrols in area 27 prisoners captured. Todd

O - 7 EM - 165 att - 11 hrl

10/06/50 Kumchon-ni South Korea

(53) Company traveled by motor convoy from Onchon-ni to Kumchon-ni departed 1215 hrs 6 Oct 50 arrived 2130 hrs 6 Oct 50 distance traveled 88 miles

10/14/50 Paekch-on South Korea

(54) Company moved by motor convoy from Kumchon-ni at 1015 hrs 12 Oct 50 and arrived at position on roadblock 1 mile west of Paekchon at 1730 hrs reld elements of 7th Cav regt 1st Cav Div at 2000 hrs

10/16/50 Paekch-on South Korea

(55) Company moved by foot preceded by motorized patrol on 16 Oct 50 with mission to seize and secure Yonan and vicinity departed 0800 hrs mission accomplished 1130 hrs returned to Paekchon area by motor convoy from position 1 mile west of Paekch-on 1630 hrs

10/17/50 Paekch-on South Korea

(56) 17 Oct 50 arrived at position 22 miles north of 38th Parallel 2130 hrs 17 Oct 50 distance traveled 39 miles departed from this position by foot advancing north 19 miles leading elements of battalion stopped by enemy small arms fire 14 enemy prisoners captured

10/18/50 Sinwon-ni Korea

(57) Company advanced with rest of battalion to the vicinity of Sinwon-ni arrived 1900 hrs


Wounded: Hugh A Brown Roger L Preston (Med)

10/21/50 Sinwon-ni Korea

(58) Company less 1st plat departed 0845 hrs to conduct agressive patrols in area NW of Sinwon-ni No enemy encountered and returned to positions 1330 hrs 58 enemy prisoners captured past 24 hours

10/23/50 Yongu-ri Korea

(59) Company departed by motor convoy at 0900 hrs from Sinwon-ni and arrived at Yongu-ri at 1630 hrs traveled 90 miles

10/27/50 Sinju Korea

(60) Company departed by motor convoy from Yongu-ri at 1200 hrs 27 Oct 50 and arrived at Sinju at 1700 hours 27 Oct 50 traveled approx 38 miles

10/29/50 Kaechongjong area Korea

(61) Company moved by motor convoy from Sinju to assembly area in vicinity of Kaechongjong departed 1000 hrs 29 Oct 50 arrived 1400 hrs 29 Oct 50 distance traveled 36 miles

10/31/50 Sench-on Korea

(62) Departed by motor convoy at 0830 hrs from Kaechongjong area and arrived at assembly area 1 mile east of Kwakson at 1100 hrs distance traveled 17 miles Proceeded to Sench-on arrived at approx 1900 hrs total distance traveled approx 30 miles

11/03/50 Sench-ong River Korea

(63) Departed by motor convoy from assembly area at Sench-on 1530 hrs 3 Nov 50 and arrived to establish defense position on south bank Sench-ong River

11/04/50 Sench-ong River Korea

(64) Company departed 2330 hrs 4 Nov 50 from defensive position NE of Anju for Bn assembly area preparing for Regt attack 0800 hrs on enemy position north of Chongch-on River NE of Anju.

11/05/50 Anju Area Korea

(65) Company advanced in Bn attack 0800 hrs 5 Nov 50 to objective 8 miles north of Anju objective secured 1200 hrs heavy enemy resistance encountered 4 EM KIA 2 EM SWA 2 EM LWA 3 Officers LWA 7 enemy prisoners captured

Killed in Action Howard J Bogenschild, Raymond A Cottrell, William R Duarte, Aubrey P Gosvener,Dale I White (Med)

Died of Wounds Perry R Haworth

Wounded Wilbur A Allen, Woodrow W Chandler, Thomas F Dreisonstock, Lindsey P Henderson Jr., Harry I Tompkins, Joseph W Warren,  James T Dossett (FA), Olin M Hardy (FA),Donald J Heiser (FA) Kenneth H Noble (Med)

11/06/50 Anju Area Korea

(66) Company attacked with Bn on enemy positions 8 1/2 miles north of Anju light enemy resistance objective secured 1600 hrs 1 Officer and 5 EM LWA objective secured Company reverted to reserve in BN 1800 hrs 6 Nov 50.

Wounded Wilbur A Allen, Woodrow W Chandler, J C Franks, Franklin G Gordon, Arthur F Wall, Leon G Wilson, John J Yakowski

11/07/50 Tonghung-dong Korea

(67) 7 Nov 50 Company in reserve in Battalion occupying position 7 miles north of Anju Relieved by elements of 19th Inf Regt and retd to postions 8 miles E of Anju

11/08/50 Tonghung-dong Korea

(68) 8 Nov 50 Company in assembly area 8 miles E of Anju no enemy activity 11/09/50 8 miles east of Yonghung-ni


11/16/50 James W Medley returned from hospital.

11/18/50 Harold Sylvia reassigned to 8069 Repl. Bn.

11/22/50 Tongmun-ni Korea YD198966 sheet 6233 III 1:50,000

(70) Company departed Yonghung-ni at 1000 hrs 22 Nov 50 and arrived Tongmun-ni 1500 hrs 22 Nov 50 distance traveled 20 miles.

11/24/50 Chang’gye Korea YD029968 Sheet 6233 II 1:50,000

(71) Company departed Tongmun-ni by foot for Chang’gye by foot on 24 Nov 50 a distance of 12 miles.

11/25/50 Chongju Korea XD894963 Sheet 6233 III 1:50,000

(72) Departed Chang’gye by foot 0830 hrs by foot for Chongju arrived 1300 hrs 25 Nov 50

11/27/50 Chang’gye Korea YD029968 Sheet 6233 II 1:50,000

(73) Company withdrew from position in vicinity of Chongju to a position 1 1/2 miles NW of Chang’gye departed 1200 hrs arrived 1500 hrs distance 10 miles

11/28/50 Chaesin-ni Korea YD164966 Sheet 63336233 II 1:50,000

(74) Company withdrew from positions in vicinity of Chang’gye to establish defensive positions in vicinity of Chaesin-ni departed 1000 hrs arrived 1500 hrs mode of travel foot distance 10 miles.

11/30/50 Yongu Korea

(75) Company withdrew from Chaesin-ni 0400 hrs 29 Nov 50 and arrived Yongu area 0400 hrs 30 Nov 50 distance traveled 43 miles by motor convoy

12/01/50 Sungui-ri Korea

(76) Withdrew from Yongu area by motor convoy at 0630 hrs 1 Dec 50 and arrived at Sungui-ri at 1630 hrs 1 Dec 50 distance traveled 63 miles.

12/03/50 Siriwan-ni Korea BT6699 Sheet J52G 1:250,000

(77) Company departed Sungui-ri 1600 hrs 2 Dec 50 by motor convoy and arrived at Siriwan-ni at 0430 hrs 3 Dec 50 distance traveled 68 miles.

12/08/50 Enroute Songu-ri Korea

(78) Company departed Siriwan-ni by motor convoy at 1000 hrs enroute Songu-ri convoy in motion 2400 hrs.

12/09/50 Songu-ri Korea CS3891 Sheet J52N 1:250,000

(79) Company arrived at Songu-ri at 0400 hrs by motor convoy from Siriwan-ni distance traveled 148 miles

12/11/50 Mansegyo Korea CT468035 Sheet 6627 I 1:50,000

(80) Company departed by motor convoy at 0800 hrs 11 Dec 50 from Songu-ri and arrived at Mansegyo at 1000 hrs 11 Dec 50 a distance of 15 miles

Wounded: 12/18/50 Vernon A Farr

(I think this is the guy who was boarding a tank right in front of me when the tank gunner decided to clear the machine gun. One round had stuck in the chamber, He took it in the calf of his leg as I recall. He was not terribly unhappy about it. This happened as we left Songu-ri. -jcf)

Farr sk in hosp O - 6 EM - 157 (LB) hrl

12/23/50 Mansegyo Korea CT468035 Sheet 6627 I 1:50,000

(81) Company in defensive position vicinity Mansegyo Korea 7 man patrol departed 1900 hrs patroled 2000 yds north and maintained listening post until 0500 hrs no enemy activity reported mission completed & returned to company area 0600 hrs

12/29/50 Mansegyo Korea CT468035 Sheet 6627 I 1:50,000

(82) 6 man patrol departed 1900 hrs for position 2000 yards north contacted small enemy patrol which turned when fired on Mission completed & patrol returned to company area 0730 hrs.

12/27/50 Mansegyo Korea CT468035 Sheet 6627 I 1:50,000

(83) 27 Dec 50 Listening post of 6 men contacted & directed mortar fire on group of approximately 20 enemy in vicinity of Hill #585 mission completed & patrol returned to company area 0700 hrs.

01/02/51 CT471044 Sheet 6627 I 1:50,000

(84) 1 Jan 51Company departed CT468035 6627 I 1:50,000 & arrived at CT471044 6627 I 1:50,000 (MR)

1 Jan 51

Co departed Mansegyo 1515 hrs (31 Dec) Arrived new area 0315 hrs O - 6 EM - 152 hrl

(Something wrong with the coordinates, probably the sheet number. Coordinates indicate move of less than 1 km, but took 12 hours travel? -jcf)

2 Jan 51 Co with Bn in Regt Res defensive position vicinity of ()

1 EM AWOL to dy 1530 hrs Duncan O - 6 EM - 152 hrl

6 Jan 51 Co in Bn assembly area vicinity (Medewon) hrl

01/07/51 Modowon Korea CR816953 6725 III 1:50,000 (12.5km S and 4km E of Changhowon)

(85) 2 Jan 51 Company departed CT471044 6627 I 1:50,000 & ... (2nd sheet missing)

01/08/51 Yoju Korea CR816953 6725 III 1:50,000

01/09/51 Yoju Korea CR816953 6725 III 1:50,000

(87) 9 Jan 51 Company departed with battalion by motor convoy 1145 hrs on recon in force to vicinity of Yoju. Mission completed and returned to company area 1700 hrs Distance traveled 42 miles round trip no enemy encountered.

01/20/51 Chagbong-ni Korea CR816953 6725 III 1:50,000

(88) 20 Jan 51 Company departed with Battalion from assembly area vicinity Modowon with mission to relieve 1st Battalion on outposts vicinity Chagbong-ni Departed 1000 hrs relief completed 1400 hrs Distance traveled 21 miles.

01/21/51 Chambong-ni Korea CS809235 6725 III 1:50,000

(89) 21 Jan 51 Company maintaining outpost & conducting aggressive patrols in vicinity of Yoju.

Wounded 1/23/51 T L Epton

(I think this was the 8th Army outpost, at least that was the story. Presumably we were 35 miles in front of the lines, waiting to see how close the pursuing Chinese were. Every day some of us would load up in trucks and make the run to the Han-gang River. We would then patrol either on the south side or the north side of the frozen river. It was on the north side of the river that Epton was hit. I was kept in the company area the day he was hit. I was on outpost duty when a pheasant began walking about near me. I got on the field phone and lied. "My rifle just came back from ordnance. I’d sure like to test fire it." I could hear chatter on the other phones that it was only test firing that was about to occur and then I got the ok. I raised up slowly and fired. The pheasant was only a few yards from me. The bird began to run and so did I firing several rounds and not understanding how I could be missing even though I could see the snow kicking up. It finally flew and I watched in disgust as a number 1 dinner flew off. Afterwards I realized the sights were still set at 300 yards. -jcf)

01/24/51 Chambong-ni Korea CS809235 6725 III 1:50,000

(90) 24 Jan 51 Company patroled in force vicinity Yoju north of Han River encountered enemy patrol of 17 men which withdrew north. Mission completed & company returned to company area 1630 hrs.

01/25/51 Chambong-ni Korea CS809235 6725 III 1:50,000

(4.5km south of Yoju on hwy 37)

(91) 25 Jan 51 Company maintaining outpost & patroling vic. of Chambong-ni.

01/28/51 Mugung-ni CR754945 6724 IV 1:50,000 (close to Changhowon)

(92) 28 Jan 51 Company relieved by elements of 2nd Bn 21st Inf Regt Moved by motor convoy from Chambong-ni CS809235 departed 1515 hrs and arrived Mugung-ni CR754945 1700 hrs Distance traveled 17 miles.

01/31/51 Majang-dong Korea CS738283 6725 IV 1:50,000

(93) 30 Jan 51 Company departed by motor convoy 0300 hrs fr Battalion assembly area vicinity Mugung-ni & arrived new area Majang-dong 0345 hrs 31 Jan 51 distance traveled 28 miles.

02/05/51 Chonyang Area Korea CS738283 6725 IV 1:50,000

(94) 5 Feb 51 Company departed from Bn assembly area vicinity Chonyang with mission to secure & occupy position between 19th Inf Regt & 1st Bn 21st Inf Regt Departed by foot 2000 hrs. Mission accomplished in 1 hr distance covered 5 miles.

02/06/51 Chonyang Area Korea CS670417 6626 II 1:50,000

(95) 6 Feb 51 Company began receiving small arms & mortar fire 2130 hrs 5 Feb 51 followed by attempt of enemy to infiltrate. All attacks repulsed until heavy attack supported by automatic weapons & mortar fire forced company to withdraw 0430 hrs 6 Feb 51. Company counter attacked at 0900 hrs & 1030 hrs repulsed by heavy enemy fire Reorganization & counter attacking 1230 hrs supported by heavy FA & mortar fire Company regained positions. Enemy withdrew leaving 50 dead.

Killed in Action Died of Wounds Frank A Gerlach
Byron R Grayless
George Barrell Freddie F Pickens Vincent F Kane
William M Dougan William S Travers John E Marshall
Richard A Fleck James W Medley
Theodore T Johnsbury Died While Captured James W Redmon
Orville D Musick After Missing Francis M Renzi
Arthur J Rose William H Sharp
Edward P Rounds Gordon R Shertzer

Donald D Spreadborough

Marion H Todd Lester Studebaker
Donald J Togni Wounded Pasquale S Travisano
Loyd A VanAllen John W Umbaugh
Duerell Wade Hugh A Brown Alonzo M Walden
Durward E Wentz Phillip W Cribb Robert E Wood
James C Fine James P Wright

(On November 28, 1992 Leota and I climbed this hill and I was astonished to find the foxholes still plainly visible. They were for the greater part almost filled in by the 40 plus years of settling. We approached from the west the hole Tabares and I were in that night and took some pictures at another hole that I at first mistook for mine. After noticing it was not immediately next to the point occupied by the adjacent outfit, we went farther east and at last there was no doubt that we had found it. It was eerie to stand there once again and remember that early morning so long ago. -jcf)

02/07/51 Chonyang Area Korea CS670417 6626 II 1:50,000

(96) Wounded Kenneth R Flansaas, Reginald A Jacques, Arthur J Murphy,     George W Schultz

02/08/51 Chonyang Area Korea CS670417 6626 II 1:50,000

(97) 8 Feb 51: One Chinese prisoner captured 0730 hrs No other enemy activity

02/09/51 Chonyang Area Korea CS670417 6626 II 1:50,000

(98) Killed in Action Henry J Weckerly

02/10/51 Chonyang Area Korea CS670417 6626 II 1:50,000

(99) 10 Feb 51 Ten man combat patrol departed 0900 hrs & encountered 6 man enemy patrol which withdrew north when fired on Mission completed & patrol returned to company position 1300 hrs

02/16/51 Chonyang Area Korea CS670417 6626 II 1:50,000

(100) Wounded Arthur J Murphy Robert G Reeves

02/23/51 CS712427 6726 III 1:50,000

(101) 20 Feb 51 Company departed CS670417 6626 II 1300 hrs by motor vehicle to CS712427 6726 III & arrived in Bn assembly area 1800 hrs

02/28/51 CS743494 6726 III 1:50,000

(102) 28 Feb 51 Company departed CS712427 6726 III 1:50,000 0830 hrs by motor convoy & arrived 1000 hrs at CS743494 6726 III 1:50,000 to relieve elements of 1st Bn 21st Regt Distance traveled 7 miles

03/08/51 CS743494 6726 III 1:50,000

(103) Wounded Richard A Capehart, Roy R Powers, James P LaPlant,  Leonard Weaver

03/09/51 CS743494 6726 III 1:50,000


(104) Wounded Bufford Blankenship, Ralph O Grove, Vincent DelBuono,  Emil Rebrovich, Theodore R Gracia II

03/10/51 CS743494 6726 III 1:50,000

(105) Wounded John I Veltman, Jose R Villarreal

03/13/51 CS743494 6726 III 1:50,000

(105) Killed in Action Talmage A Hinson, Martin R Narey

03/15/51 CS690642 6726 IV 1:50,000

(106) 15 Mar 51 Co departed CS743494 6726 III 1:50,000 & arrived at CS690642 6726 IV 1:50,000

04/01/51 CS571951 6727 I 1:50,000

(107) 1 Apr 51 Co dptd CS690642 6726 IV 1:50,000 & arrived at CS571951 6627 I 1:50,000

04/07/51 CS571951 6727 I 1:50,000

(108) Died of Wounds Joseph D Ramos Jr.

Killed in Action Herlindo Tabares

04/11/51 CT578089 6628 II 1:50,000

(109) Killed in Action Pablo A Castillo

Wounded Nick Bodner, Jack L Poling, Raymond J LaBell, Arnold J Tye, Kenneth I Oliver, William H York

04/14/51 CT578089 6628 II 1:50,000

(110) Wounded Jose Celestino, Steve Logan, Richard F Michalski

(111) 15 Apr 51 Co departed CT578089 (6628) II 1:50,000 and arrived CT589150 6628 II 1:50,000

Wounded Stanley G Daffer, David Wright Jr.

04/17/51 CT589150 6628 II 1:50,000

04/18/51 CT589150 6628 II 1:50,000

Wounded Adam H Mummey

(112) 18 Apr 51 departed CS589150 6628 II 1:50,000 & arrived at CT581209 6628 II 1:50,000

Killed in Action Walter E Worthen

Wounded John E Rinker, Earl Sorrell

Wounded 4/20/51 Ralph O Grove

Wounded 4/23/50 Albert Wahler

Wounded 4/25/50 Robert L Jansen

Wounded 4/26/50 James W Connolly, Alphonso J Judge Jr., Fred Newman Jr., Herbert W Rogers, Ralph K Smith, John C Stewart, Alfred L Thiret

Wounded 4/27/50 Phillip K Wallace

Killed in Action Clifford P Craddock, Darrell J Tibben

04/28/51 CS565620 6626 I 1:50,000

(113) 28 Apr 51 Company departed CT581209 6628 II 1:50,000 arrived at CS565620 6626 I 1:50,000

Wounded Dilbert Garner Jr.

04/30/51 CS616622 6626 I 1:50,000

(114) 30 Apr 51 Company departed CS565620 6626 I 1:50,000 arrived at CS616622 6626 I 1:50,000

Wounded Claude N Whidby

05/07/51 CS590624 6626 I 1:50,000

(115) Wounded Donald J Milyaro, Robert Urvina

05/15/51 CS597641 6626 I 1:50,000

(116) 15 May 51 Company departed CS590624 6626 I 1:50,000 arrived at CS597641 6626 I 1:50,000

05/21/51 CS565665 6626 I 1:50,000

(117) 21 May 51 Company moved fr CS597641 6626 I 1:50,000 to CS565665 6626 I 1:50,000

05/22/51 CS595753 6626 I 1:50,000

(118) 22 May 51 Company moved fr CS565665 6626 I 1:50,000 to CS595753 6626 I 1:50,000

05/23/51 CS265790 6627 II 1:50,000

(119) 23 May 51 Company moved fr CS595753 6626 I 1:50,000 to CS265790 6627 II 1:50,000

05/26/51 CS265790 6627 II 1:50,000

(120) Killed in Action Arthur L Miller

Wounded Henry H Baker, Daniel L Tucker, Carl D Craner, David Wright Jr.

05/27/51 CT794095 6728 III 1:50,000

(121) 27 May 51 Company departed CS265790 6627 II 1:50,000 arrived at CT794095 6728 III 1:50,000

Below are those persons who were not wounded, killed, or captured during the period 1 June 50 to 1 June 51 while assigned to LOVE Company.

Robert G Abner Donald R Acheson Elmer F Aldridge
G C Allen Donald R Anderson Robert L Anderson
Raymond N Arens Cecil D Ashby Meyer Auerbach
Paul Awrey Paul Awrey George I Baines
Tony Baker Theodore W Bakker Samuel L Barber Jr.
Bernard F Barnes George W Bates Erwin J Baumhover
Duane W Beal Richard H Beatty Lewis C Bell
Jose S Benitez Bobby G Bennett Clifton B Bergman
Carl F Bernard Carroll B Berry Ramon I Bialek
Jerry M Binnion Tommy W Bishop Fredie J Blackert
Raymond R Boeding Joseph R Borgerding James B Bowers
Arthur M Boyd Walter H Boyd Louis P Brancati
Archie R Brannen Charles E Brault James H Brawner
Thomas J Brennan Chester A Bretz Robert E Brooks
Julius P Broxson John G Bryant Douglas G Buddinger
Daniel A Budzik Charles W Bufford Cecil F Burgess
Raymond V Burris Clarence E Burton Ernest W Busha Jr.
Carl H Butler Robert E Butts Charles P Byrge
Jil Cabral Edward J Cadger Paul R Cadmus
Howard R Cady John C Camargo Darrell D Campbell
Isaac A Canales Jesse Carbajal Albert Carmona
Robert Carroll Alfred H Carter Buford Carter
Roy E Cason Emil R Catanese Joseph D Catlin
Willie G Cay Roland O Chartier Ervin J Chromey
Walter E Cole Jr. Richard T Colling Jack C Combs
Bobby J Compton Charles L Cooper Donald W Corbeille
Benjamin L Cotton Carl H Coulter Dalton A Croy
Donald J Dabbert Billy J Davis Cosmol Davis
Ira Davis Earlwin C. DeerWithHorns David F DiPasquale
Enrique Diaz Bernard H Diehl Robert J Dillon
Joseph H Dobbs Jr. William A H Dollar Jack P Dotson
Walter H Drefke Billy K Drumheller Clarence A Duchaine
Kenneth W Dumas Billie E Duncan Thomas L Dunn
Eldridge Dunnmoodie Ellis E Dupree Sidney J Dworkin
Leo B Eaton Olaf P Egglund Melvin H Eilering
Floyd K Ekers Bobby F Elliott Verlyn E Erickson
Jack P Etchison Thomas J Farr LaVern C Fetters
Alvin A Fischbeck Robert B Foster Omega T Fowler
Gilbert B Fowler Jr. James R Francis Buell E Frye
Elmer J Gainok Richard L Galbreath Donald A Gaulke
Albert George Varner W Getz Harrell L Gibson
Hans J Gideon Charles J Gitzlaff J S Glover Jr.
James C Goelzer Manuel S Gonzales Earl W Goodner
Joe E Griffith Lawrence W Grimshaw John J Guest
Eugene Haddock Donald W Hadley John H Hailey
Allen R Haller Jr. Daniel B Hanbury Aubrey L Hare
Paul B Harp Ernest W Haskins Terence G Healy
Herman F Heaton George R Henson Harvey Henson
Albert D Hibbard Robert R Hicks Donald E Higgins
Sam Higgins Charles F Hirn Cletus P Hockman
Harold L Hoffman Don D Holcomb Merle Howard
Joe R Hudson Sidney L Huff Carl L Hull
Loyal D Iakey Abednego Ingram Frank Ivy
Carl C Jackson Earnest B Jackson Dale T Jacobson
Manuel D Janard John W Jarvis William D Jenkins
Dean I Johnson Eddie Johnson Wilbur L Johnson
Charles O Johnson Jr. Cecil A Jones Charles E Jones
Robert L Jones Henry E Judy Lewis B Kappler
Herbert Kay Ralph W Keck Edward J Kelleher
Hugh L Keniston Melvin H Kessler Stanley J Kilgoski
Charles E Kinard Donald F Kincaid Edward L King
Don O Krause Eugene D LaFleur Donnie B Lambert
Robert O Langton Jack E Lee Isaac R Lee Jr.
Ray R Lemley Robert V Lepore Robert Leslie Jr.
Emmett J Levick Bert H Lewis Kenneth F Lewis
Renald J Lizotte James T Loar John Lubinski
Jack E Lukashuk Howard R Lumsden Bernard E Mallory
Benjimen Manigault Eugene Matthews Bobby McCormack
Stanley W McCray Harry R McDowell Andrew McGlowen
Raymond D McGrew Robert H McGuire Robert Mears Jr.
Tony Messina Robert F Mills Robert C Milos
Henry B Miner Harry W Mitchell Maurice R Mohelnitsky
Donald L Moor Robert Moore Jr. Antonio Moreno
Mahmoud Mrad Carlos Mulvey Jr. Cataido J Murro
Danial A Myers Jerimiah C Myers Benny J Nelson
James E Nelson James H Nicholson Nicholas Nickas
Kenneth H Noble Abraham J Nunnikhoven Kenneth E O’Daniel
Timothy P O’Sullivan Edward F Oatrenga Peter B Oda
Lloyd E Olmstead Virgil L Olson Russell E Oxley
Ramon Padilla Robert D Parish Joseph A Parone
Lester A Parteka Roy D Pauleen Clarence A Pawlowski
Bearl Payes William G Pearce Jimmy L Peigler
Robert L Pemberton Hubert L Pendley William H Penland
Finley Penney Charles E Pentis Nicholas A Pepe
Donicio Perez Audie R Perkins Charles D Peterson
Abraham Polish Fernando C Powers Albert H Pyles
Simon Quinteros Robert G Rayner Stanford Risner
Paul C Roberts Frank C Roberts Jr. Jesus S Rodrigues
Willard J Rogers Earl H Rutter Jr. Powell Q Sale
Henry D Sanders Selestino J Sandoval Edmond Santos
Leo L Saxton James H Scott Alvin L Sebring
Milo A Seger Paul L Segrest Frederick D Shadden
Richard T Shaver Edward L Shaw Edward J Sheehan
John L Shields Richard L Sides Ollie A Silvious
Dewey G Simpson Bartis Smith Garnett E Smith
James P Smith Charles L Sparling Richard J Spaulding
Victor W Stein Eugene F Stetham Darl G Stewart
Roy B Stewart Stephen L Stiglich Charles E Stocklen
Allen D Strouse Thomas R Strozda Robert Stubblefield
Harry G Summers Jr. Roy Surrells Dean C Swenson
John T Swift Harold Sylvia Charles F Tennant
Franklin O Terebessy John P Ternosky Harold I C Terry
Sandford Thatcher Wilbur J Thiel Donald E Thompson
Jacque A Thompson Joseph M Thompson Richard L Thompson
Leonard Tomolovski Noble Tousha Albert J Trapani
Leonard C Treadway William V Trimble Jimmie Tulley
John J Tuzvnski Charles F Ufford Jerald W Ulrey
Epinenio S Valencia Raleigh T Vaughan George J Vlasic
Thomas R Vonesky Johnnie R Wagley William D Waldron
Albert Wallace Jr. William R Waller Ronald C Waltz
Volney F Warner Thomas J Watson Edmond A Weber
Marvin F Weckwerth Floyd B Weed Thomas A Widger
Roy J Wiley Robert L Williams Planter W Wilson
Donald E Winchell Lee O Wines Donald Wodarski
Walter F Wojciechowski William H Wolfe Jr. Katsumi Yagura
Loyal E Yates Raymond R Young Stanley Zarkowski


Henry J Baer Coxe Grecco


Burns Christenson William A H Dollar
Martin Groth Tom R Mensay Isaac G Montalbo
Straith John J Yakowski