The Gimlet or 5th Platoon was made up of ROK soldiers attached to Love Company. These men performed many acts of bravery. Some were wounded, some were killed. The picture below is of Chyo Byong Je with head bandaged three days after knocking out a T-34 tank with a hand grenade. He was knocked down by a burp gun burst from the turret of the tank but stood up, wiped the blood from his eyes while pulling the pin on a grenade. He then scored a direct hit into the still open tank turret. Several other tanks were destroyed by the Gimlets that day. This particular action appeared in "My ROKs Were Good" an article in the December 1952 Combat Forces Journal (this article is reproduced on the Documents page by permission). Their wounds were not reported on L Company's morning report which the Historical Committee has but were recorded at the medical aid stations. Those shown are from the data which we do have.

Cho Beung Je.jpg (97705 bytes) One of the tanks destroyed by the platoon on 23 September was photographed three days later. The bandaged man is Corporal Cho Byung Je who attacked one of the enemy tanks with grenades. Squad Leader An Nak Chan stands beside him.


Ahm Yil Soon K1102030
Baek Kong Son K1104186
Cho Yong Moon K1102822, K1132809
Choe Hyon Sik K1104124
Chun Su Chul K1104129 wounded in action 2/6/51
Chyo Byong Je K1102183 wounded in action 9/21/50
Chyo Hyong No K1104111
Dan Nak Chon K1102806
Hong Chang Ki K1102157
Hong Ki Su K1104133
Hwo Jong Kil K1104249
Kang Si Tae K1102237
Kang Yong Hi K1102198
Kim Jin Bom K1104114
Kim Ju Tong K1102809
Kim Bong Yong K1104288
Kim Song Bae K1104122
Kim Kyu Chol K1104131
Kim Mu Yong K1102181
Kim Jong Hwan K1102811
Kim Hong Kwan K1102203
Kim Mal Ryong K1104140 wounded in action 2/6/51
Kim Jong Sik K1104130
Kim Ki Taek K1104176
Kwan Jong Hwun K1102204
Lee Ryong Jin K1102151
Lee Chang Too K1102137
Lee Un Hong K1104245
Lee Ki Kon K1102138 wounded in action 2/6/51
Lee Wan Ju K1102171
Lee Pok U K1102179 wounded in action 11/5/50
Lee Han Tok K1102157 wounded in action 11/5/50
Lee Jin Ho K1102206 wounded in action 2/6/51
Loe Sang Sok K1102441
Nam Jong Su K1104267
O Yun Kyu K1104172
Pak Sang Ho K1104106
Pak Yong Nae K1104036
Rim Byong Kyu K1101160
Ryang Hyong Jin K1102024
Su Cha Kun K1104175
Suo Tae Sul K1102177
Yu Ok Sang K1102197

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